Welcome! My name is Michael. I am a first officer with SkyWest Airlines and I run a flight school on the side. All my life, I have been interested in airplanes and technology.

When I was 10 years old, I taught my self some basic coding skills. I later became skilled enough to perform freelance development work while I was in high school.

I started to learn how to fly when I was 16. I became a private pilot just a little bit after I turned 17. After many hours of study and work, I became a flight instructor when I was 19 years old. Shortly after, I started a flight school: Pilot Rise, LLC.

In 2020, I released Pilot Approach, an online instrument approach simulator.

My long term goal is to fly professionally.


I currently work as a First Officer for SkyWest Airlines on the CRJ200/700/900. I also flight instruct on the side.

I have always been fascinated with flying, and I am always very enthusiastic to teach what I have learned!

I started a flight school, Pilot Rise, LLC, several years ago, and we continue to operate.

Flight Instruction

I offer flight and ground instruction. I run a flight school out of Hicks airport just North of Fort Worth.

I am very passionate about planes, but I am even more so about teaching others how to fly. I love to instruct, and I would love to be the one to teach you how to fly.

My Rate: $70 / hour

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Training Provided

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Multi-Engine Training
  • Flight Instructor
  • Flight Reviews
  • Complex Aircraft
  • High Performance Aircraft
  • Transitioning Aircraft

My Licenses & Ratings

  • Airline Transport Pilot AMEL
  • Certified Instructor - ASEL
  • Certified Instructor - AMEL
  • Certified Instructor - Instrument
  • Type Ratings: CL-65
  • Commercial ASEL

Aircraft Flown

  • CRJ200/700/900
  • Mooney M20(B/C/E/F/J/M)
  • Cirrus SR22T & SR20
  • Cessna T210 & 177RG & 172 & 150
  • Piper PA-34/32/28/24
  • Beech BE-C24R & BE-19
  • Bellanca Viking
  • DC-3 (only as dual)
  • Phenom EMB-500 (only as dual)

Flight Hours

  • Total - 1650
  • PIC - 1500
  • CFI - 1000
  • Complex - 600
  • High Performance - 100
  • Cross Country - 650
  • IMC - 150

If you are interested in learning to fly or would like more information, please contact me.


[email protected]


(430) 558-2003‬ (text preferred)

Contact Me


I have always been fascinated with how computers work. I fed my fascination by teaching myself how to write small programs when I was 10 years old. Now I have several years of experience with Java, PHP, JavaScript, and I am familiar with many other languages.

If there is ever something which I do over and over again, I find a way to write a program to do it for me.

One of my best projects was Pilot Approach. Pilot Approach is an online instrument approach simulator. It is used both to teach Private Pilot how to fly instrument approaches and to help instrument rated pilots maintain cognitive proficiency.

Pilot Approach was developed using PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the front end. The backend controlling the simulator includes Java for the game server, JavaScript to communicate with the server via WebSockets, MySQL for data, and an internal REST API.

(OUTDATED) I also used to create plugins for SpigotMC users and large Minecraft servers. My primary focus has been backend, networking, and databases. I have been using MySQL for two years. Most of my work has been freelance.

Another favorite project was EasyBackup. It protects people's servers by backing them up, and it has taken the community by storm.

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